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Setting up your on-line account - for existing accounts

As many of you will know, Merton Music Foundation has changed its computer system from the middle of July and most existing accounts are now fully accessible online.

However the common problems with registering seem to be:

1)        The email address we have for you is incorrect; therefore you didn’t receive your invoice by email or the link to set up your account

2)        The original link we sent is only valid for 3 days, so if you didn’t register when you received the link in July you need a new link

3)        Attempting to register multiple times or after the link expirers, results in there being no invoices to view when you do log in

Please contact us if you are having these or any other issues and we will get them resolved.

This new database will have such a positive impact on our charity, primarily to improve our communication and data accuracy. It is a huge leap forward for MMF and we hope parents will benefit from the on-line access too.

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