Trust Fund Support Terms and Conditions

1. Trust Fund support is available to pupils of Merton Music Foundation and members of Merton Youth Music whose parents are in receipt of ‘Free School Meals’ (excluding children in receipt of Universal Free School Meals). You must have successfully applied for ‘Free School Meals’ from Merton Council or be in receipt of Working Tax Credit (not Child Benefit or Child Tax Credit or Childcare Element).

2. For Working Tax Credit a photocopy of your full current Tax Credits letter must accompany each termly application. Please note that copies of bank statements are not acceptable. For Free School Meals simply tick the box and MMF will verify your entitlement from Merton Council.

3. Trust Fund support is available for music tuition in schools and membership of Music Centre activities. It is not usually available for music tuition at our Music Centre.

4. Trust Fund support is available on a termly review basis, is not automatic and is given solely at the discretion of the Trustees. Application forms and proof of entitlement to benefit must be submitted together each term. If paying fees online your documentation must reach us within 10 days of making payment. Late or non-payment or lack of adequate proof may disqualify you from Trust Fund support. There may be an administrative charge for any correspondence sent reminding parents to re-apply or submit appropriate supporting documentation.

5. A separate application must be made for each child and at the beginning of each term. Each application form must be completed, signed and submitted together with the appropriate supporting documentation for the application process to be valid.

6. It is a condition of Trust Fund support that fees are paid by the deadline shown on the termly invoice. Lessons missed as a result of late or non-payment or lack of adequate application will not be backdated. Any difficulties with payment should be discussed in confidence with the MMF Admin office.

7. Any outstanding balances must be paid in order for an application to be considered – unless an approved instalment plan is in place.

8. Pupils receiving Trust Fund support will be monitored for effort and attendance. Pupils who do not attend instrumental lessons and/or Music Centre groups and ensembles regularly, and fail to practice at home in between lessons, may have their financial support withdrawn.

9. Trust Fund support is available for one instrument only per child for lessons with a maximum duration time of up to thirty minutes.

10. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will result in the withdrawal of Trust Fund support. The full fees and hire will also become payable.

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