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About this event:

Created by Louisa Wansborough

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This is a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the musical ‘Oliver!’. It will feature MYCB, followed by a performance of TWIST, a new 60min re-telling of the original Dickens story, with audience participation led by the Young Voices. It’s a partnership with Wimbledon Civic Theatre Trust’s Young Actors Company, who performed with us at the RAH last March.

The MerTones: arrivie 4.45pm at the stage door, for a rehearsal at 5pm. Collection from stage door at the end of the concert.

MYCB: arrive 5.15pm in concert dress and book in at the Stage Door (black MMF t.shirt and black trousers/skirts/shoes)
Rehearsal at 5.30pm-6pm. Collection from Stage Door afterwards. MYCB members do not need their own tickets.

Merton Messengers: (arriving at 5.15pm) will be playing at 6.30pm in the foyer, but there is no rehearsal for this on the day. Messengers join MYCB at 6.55pm on stage.

Young Voices: Please arrive with parents at 6.45pm, at the theatre main doors, in MMF concert dress (blue MMF t.shirts and black trousers/skirts/shoes). YV will then be seated in the front stalls, in reserved seats. Parents will need to have purchased their own tickets but YV members will not need their own tickets. At the end of the concert, parents will collect YV from the front stalls.

Venue: New Wimbledon Theatre

Concert Time: 7pm-9.30pm

Ticket information: Click here

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