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So what impact is the lockdown having on music practice in your home? We’ve heard of some of our students giving video recitals to Grandparents, impromptu garden concerts for the neighbours as well as taking part in #PlayForOurNHSHeroes on Thursdays at 8pm, while the nation claps for the NHS and keyworkers (click here for more info.)

Whatever your child is doing to keep up with their practise and playing, we want to see them. Whether it’s during their E-lessons, E-Music Centre activities, practice or concerts.

Please use the form below to send us any photos of them playing their instrument and if you’re posting on social media, please do tag us Twitter/Instagram (@MertonMusic) and Facebook (@Merton Music Foundation) and use the hashtag #MertonMakingMusic

  • Or just their initials if you would rather we didn't use their name

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