There’s never been a better time to start learning a musical instrument with MMF, Merton’s largest cultural education provider.

Whilst we’re working hard to return to in-person tuition, our online lessons proved such a hit with parents, students and tutors last term that we’re continuing to offer them to children and adults. Benefits of online learning include greater flexibility with timetabling, no need to travel and parents enjoy having more contact with their child’s tutor. Don’t take our word for it though, just read what some parents had to say when surveyed in May.

“I am very happy with the teaching online. Both my children still enjoy their lessons and both are still learning. Thank you!”

“I think what the teachers are doing is amazing. And I think in these times it is brilliant that my child can still do guitar which he loves Thank you.”

“It has been great, my child is more focused during the lesson as there are less distraction!”

“I really like having more contact with the instructor and feel like we can be more involved with our son’s lessons and music.”

“We prefer my daughter’s music lessons being online. It means we get to sit in on the lesson, can follow her progress and know what the teacher (who is excellent) has asked her to do each week. My daughter is practising more now than she ever did before and we are so pleased that we continued with the e-lessons. Thank you!”

“I highly appreciate the effort MMF made to keep the music going for the children and my kids have found the lessons a highlight in their week.”

“(The online) lessons have been amazing and my son has remained motivated and excited to learn and practice. It’s been wonderful to hear bits of the lessons and how positive and encouraging (his tutor) is.”

To find out more about our lessons and to sign-up, please use the link below.

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