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In order to provide continuity of service for our young people in the London Borough of Merton, Merton Music Foundation will support the delivery of E-lessons online during the period of social distancing in lieu of face-to-face lessons.

MMF tutors will use Zoom Conferencing to deliver live E-lessons via the internet. To help you set up Zoom here’s a handy tutorial. Scroll down for download links.

The summer E-term will start during the week beginning 13th April. However, MMF tutors will deliver spring term lessons missed due to COVID-19 in the next few weeks. There is no cost for make-up lessons as you have already paid for them.

MMF is offering a 15% discount on the cost of E-lessons in the summer term.

How will this work?

We will run a 12 week E-term for the summer period, which allow for additional lessons to be delivered over the Easter break. Wherever possible, your child will continue to have lessons with their existing tutor, at a time that is convenient for you.

E-lessons will support your child to continue to make musical progress, provide a sense of structure during this period of uncertainty and help to protect the livelihood of your child’s MMF instrumental tutor.

When you sign-up for E-lessons using the form below, we will instruct your child’s tutor to arrange your make-up lessons right away, to take place over the next two to three weeks. We will then invoice you for the cost of lessons in the summer term. If you do not wish to continue after the make up lessons, you will need to cancel tuition by emailing:


Prices for E-Lessons

Prices are for a block of 12 lessons, to take place during the summer term starting the week beginning Monday 13th April.

Shared and Group Lessons

Please note, we will not be offering shared or group E-lessons.

Shared 30 Minute Lessons:

  • Pupils receiving a ‘Shared 30 Minute’ lesson will now receive an individual 15-minute E-lesson.

Group of 3 Lessons:

  • Unfortunately, it is not currently viable for pupils having ‘Group of 3’ lessons to be taught individually. We hope you will consider moving to an Individual 15-Minute lesson.

NB: Any Group of 3 lessons missed due to COVID-19 will be made up by blocking them together (so a pupil who has missed two Group of 3 lessons will now receive one individual 20-minute lesson).

Financial Assistance

Details of the financial assistance that MMF offers are available HERE.

Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that everyone remains safe online, all parents/guardians, pupils and tutors must agree to MMF’s ONLINE LEARNING CODE OF CONDUCT. which can be read here:

You can read our full Online Learning Policy HERE.

What you need to do to sign-up:

If your child already has lessons with us or is on our waiting list use this button to sign-up for E-lessons:

If your child is new to MMF use the button below to sign-up for E-lessons:

  • Read our new ONLINE LEARNING CODE OF CONDUCT.  All MMF tutors, pupils and members of their respective households will be expected to adhere to this in order to ensure the safety, privacy and wellbeing of all parties.

  • You will need to provide us with consent to teach your child online via E-lessons. In order to do this, please complete this short ONLINE FORM.

  • You will need to download ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ on your desktop/laptop computer or ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ on your tablet or smart phone before your first e-lesson. Once downloaded, you will need to make an account using a parent/guardian’s email address (not your child’s email address).

  • Consider the learning environment for your child’s instrumental lessons. We have issued guidance to tutors and parents via the ONLINE LEARNING CODE OF CONDUCT about this. 

MMF core staff and tutors will be on hand to support and we will be producing instructional videos and hints and tips to support parents, pupils and tutors. If you have any questions, email: – if you leave your number we can call you back.

  • Once we have processed your consent form, we will notify your tutor who will contact you to arrange the time of your first E-lesson.

Zoom download links:





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