Royal Albert Hall School Participant Info

This page is for parents/guardians of pupils in Merton schools that are participating in MMF’s Royal Albert Hall concert on Monday 11 March 2024.


Tickets go on sale from 10am on Monday 15 January and can be purchased from the Royal Albert Hall’s website, starting from just £8 each.

It is recommendedthat parents/guardians refer to the school stage seating plan (see below) before buying tickets to identify where your child will be sat during the performance so you can ensure good line of sight.

Returned Tickets – Privately Owned Seats

Some seats at the Royal Albert Hall are privately owned by individuals, these are called Members’ Seats.

Members can choose to return their tickets back to the RAH box office or they can donate them to MMF to sell, so many of these seats won’t initially be available via the RAH website but may become available later – either on the RAH site or directly from the MMF office (please check both).

Buying Tickets from MMF

If you can’t find the seats that you wanted for the concert on the RAH site, particularly the boxes or stalls, please use the link below to check current availability and contact us to purchase: 020 8640 5446.

Financial Assistance

Expand the drop down below for more information about the financial assistance MMF is offering to enable every child to have someone supporting them in the audience.

Ticket Bursary Scheme

School Colour Zones

Each school is assigned a colour zone. The zones relate to where pupils will be seated for their performance and also where you will need to collect them at the end of the day.

Click Here to See Your School’s Colour Zone

Schools Stage Position Map

School participants will be positioned according to their school’s colour zone as shown in the map below.

Pupil Collection Map

At the end of the concert, you will be asked to collect your child from their school’s colour coded collection zone. Please note the door number for your child’s zone.

What to Expect – Virtual Tour

Visit the main hall virtually, using RAH’s Google Maps style Virtual Tour.

Song Packs and Resources for Schools

Access the lyric sheets, backing tracks and other resources for the massed schools’ choir pieces and help your little one to practise at home ahead of the big event!

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