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All Join In: Sing

What’s this all about then?

Not surprisingly, one of the things our Music Centre members and staff have missed most during Covid restrictions, is playing together. Whilst we are gradually returning to a fully functioning, in-person Music Centre, we wanted to bring everyone together virtually for another All Join In project.

We’re inviting all of our Music Centre members to take part in a special split-screen MMF video of Sing.

To take part you would need to submit a video BY FRIDAY 20 NOVEMBER of you singing/playing along to the Sing backing track (you’ll be listening to the track on earphones/headphones) and then we’ll edit all the videos together.


  • – Earphones/headphones
  • – A willing helper (a family member who can film you)
  • Two devices (phone, tablet, laptop etc.) – one for you to listen to the demo and the other for your camera operator to film you performing
  • Sing backing track to sing/play along to (use the button below to access all the resources including music and backing tracks)

Step 1 – Practise, practise, practise!

You can access the resources (lyrics, sheet music, backing tracks etc) HERE! Please try and get as much practice in as possible.

Step 2 – Film your performance

Firstly, please remember to wear your MMF polo shirt for your performance. (With optional Christmas sparkle).

Where to film?

The ideal location would be a quiet room with plenty of light and a plain background (avoid being filmed with a bright window behind you as you might end up as a silhouette). You may want to close the windows to block out any outside noises.

You will need to listen to the backing track through earphones or headphones on one device as you sing/play. This is really important as we only want to hear your voice/instrument on the video.

Ideally, please ask your helper to film landscape (sideways) and try and fill as much of the frame as possible and make sure that your face is visible. They should start recording just before you start playing the backing track.

Don’t forget to look like you’re enjoying it! We know it’s harder for brass and woodwind players to smile while playing but please try and make it look like you’re not playing under duress. It’s OK to record multiple takes (just like a recording studio) and you can send us your best performance.

Please note – If you would prefer to make a sound recording only, follow exactly the same procedure but upload an audio file, instead of a video.

Step 3 – Upload your video!

Well done! When you’re happy with your performance, your parent/guardian then needs to upload your video using the button below…

Your parent/guardian will need a Gmail/Google Account to upload your video. If they don’t have one click here – the sign-up process is very simple.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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