Thames Tales rehearsal photos

With their Royal Albert Hall performance only weeks away, pupils from primary schools throughout Merton have been working incredibly hard learning songs for Thames Tales, the second half of the concert.

This innovative music commission, with original music by Pete Churchill and Adam Saunders and with a script by Andy Altypresents the more unusual aspects of the River Thames as it follows its course through London, highlighting universal themes through meeting Old Father Thames and his granddaughter as the old passes to the new.

We can’t wait for it to all come together along with the fantastic Keel Watson taking the role of Old Father Thames with actors from the Wimbledon Civic Theatre Trust’s Young Actors Company.

CLICK HERE for tickets but if it looks like the tickets you want to book are sold out please call our office on 020 8640 5446 as we often get debenture tickets (of seats that are owned by corporate companies and private individuals) back to sell.









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