Learning & Playing a Brass Instrument with MMF


My child would like to start learning a brass instrument

Firstly, what an excellent choice!

Whether it’s the vibrant sound of a trumpet, the mellow tones of a trombone, or the majestic notes of a French horn, brass instruments offer a unique and powerful musical expression. Through learning a brass instrument, children develop discipline, breath control, and fine motor skills.

Brass instruments are also really versatile, with players being able to join our Concert and Jazz Bands at our South Wimbledon Music Centre, once they reach a certain standard.

We offer brass lessons in many of Merton’s schools (during the school day), at our South Wimbledon Music Centre (after school and on Saturdays) and at our Saturday Music School at Wimbledon College.

Click here to find out which instruments we teach in your child’s school.

My child is already learning a brass instrument

If your child is already having brass lessons (even if it’s not with an MMF tutor), encouraging them to join our South Wimbledon Music Centre ensembles, will open a whole new world of musical experiences.

Playing with other young people can have a huge impact on musical development as well as the enjoyment of learning an instrument. It’s fun, motivating and rewarding and offers performance opportunities that they wouldn’t usually get playing on their own, including our Royal Albert Hall concerts.

Which groups they can join will depend on their instrument, ability and age.

Singing in a choir helps develop general musicianship skills whatever instrument your child plays and band members are also invited to join one of our choirs – Young Voices Choir (7-12 yrs) or VoiceBox (11-18 yrs).

By becoming a Music Centre member, your child gains access to multiple ensembles/choirs, as well as online Music Theory classes – all covered by the termly Ensemble Membership fee.

Music Centre Ensembles for Brass Players

Click here to find out more about our bands and ensembles.

Free ‘Come & Play’ band / choir / ensemble trials

Throughout the year, we run free ‘Come & Play’ trial sessions for our choirs and many of our bands and ensembles. Keep an eye on our website and social media pages (Twitter / Instagram / Facebook) to find out when the next one is planned. It’s usually at the beginning of term.

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