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Music Centre activities are not permitted during Lockdown. We will return at our new location in Merton Abbey Primary School as soon as it is safe to do so.

It is our understanding that all childrens’ activities will be permitted under ‘Step 2’ of the Government’s Road Map. We therefore hope to be able to resume lessons and ensembles, with appropriate mitigations, during the Summer Term (teaching is due to begin w/b 26th April).

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We also offer one-to-one brass, woodwind, percussion, piano, guitar and string instrumental lessons at our Music Centre. Find out more.

Full Music Centre Membership costs £99 per term for access to all groups or sign up for Music Theory online for just £40 per term. Lesson fees start from £168 per term for a set of 10 lessons.

Online Timetable

Spring Term – January 2021


Music Theory - Grade 3 (5.30-6pm) with Hailey Willington

Included in the full Music Centre membership or available individually for £40 per term.

Meeting ID: 815 1934 1926

Zoom link:

Music Theory - Grade 4 (6-6.30pm) with Hailey Willington

Included in the full Music Centre membership or available individually for £40 per term.

Meeting ID: 869 4954 1991

Zoom link:

Senior Guitar Ensemble (6-6.50pm) with Frances Griffin

For Grade 3 + guitarists

Senior guitar ensemble is for high school students who are Grade 3 and above. The repertoire is varied, encompassing many different genres of music, from popular music to classical. Parts are of varying difficulties and students are encouraged to challenge themselves to develop their musicianship and instrumental skills.

This is a way of improving sightreading and learning skills for playing in an ensemble, something guitarists don't often have the opportunity to do, whilst having fun.

Meeting ID: 854 6267 5478

Zoom link:


Merton Youth Concert Band (6-6.50pm, weekly while online) with Norma Whitson, Sara Grint & Pat Bamber

For Grade 5 + players of brass, woodwind, percussion &  bass guitar.

Merton Youth Concert Band, MMF’s flagship concert band, is made up of high school aged students from a Grade 5+ level. The repertoire is varied, ranging from traditional concert band pieces to hits from stage and screen. Performance opportunities include the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the Youth Music European Tour and MMF’s biennial Music is for Life concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Meeting ID: 896 8992 7112

Zoom link:


Music Theory - Grade 5 (5.30-6pm) with Hailey Willington

Included in the full Music Centre membership or available individually for £40 per term.

Meeting ID: 897 2210 3114

Zoom link:


Young Voices Choir (9-9:50am) with Soo Bishop

For singers aged 7-11 of all abilities.

Young Voices is MMF’s junior choir for children aged 7-11 (Years 3-6). The aim of the group is to develop general musicianship skills and ensemble experience through use of the voice and provides an ideal introduction for the young or ‘novice’ musician. Members learn how to control and expand their vocal pitch and dynamic range, to pitch-match (sing in tune), the importance of good posture and clear diction, to sing in two or more parts and to use their voices expressively, reflecting the style and context of a wide variety of songs. General Musicianship activities help to foster an understanding of pulse, metre, rhythm, phrase, musical structure, pitch and pitch-patterns (scales) and develop ‘thinking voice’. The group performs publicly at the end of each term as part of MMF’s junior events and at many other external venues and events.

Meeting ID: 859 2815 2323

Zoom link:

String Busters (10-10:50am) with Julia Hart & George Pasca

For beginner to Grade 1 string players.

String Busters introduces young string players to the joy of playing as part of an ensemble. Children who have mostly had only individual lessons, now get to experience a different dimension of playing, where different groups of players combine their music parts to produce a multi-layered piece! In this group, young musicians learn the basic skills of ensemble playing, through games, exercises and repertoire, which give the essential foundation for later joining their first orchestra!

Meeting ID: 823 6069 0226

Zoom link:

Junior Guitar Ensemble (10-10:50am) with Frances Griffin

For beginner to Grade 2 Guitarists.

This is for children starting on their musical journey. As soon as the child can play five notes on a classical guitar they are able to join. The emphasis is on playing together, improving  playing and reading fluency. The children are introduced to many different genres of music whilst having fun. Before Covid all guitar groups were invited to play at the Royal Albert Hall in a massed guitar ensemble, this will hopefully return soon however, we will be having performing opportunities on Zoom or in person .

Meeting ID: 818 0003 1890

Zoom link:

TIB - Training & Intermediate Bands (10-10:50am) with Sara Grint, Norma Whitson & Billy Fisher

For players Grade 2 - 5 of brass, wind & percussion.

The repertoire ranges from standard concert band pieces to hits from stage and screen. As with all MMF groups, the emphasis is on learning skills needed to play with other musicians, improving sight-reading, discovering a range of musical genres and having fun whilst playing! Members of all three MMF concert bands are invited to perform in the biennial Music is for Life concert at the Royal Albert Hall as part of a Massed Band item and as well as at end-of-term concerts.

Meeting ID: 811 1497 9325

Zoom link:

Combo Strings - Training Strings Orchestra & String Sinfonia (11-11:50am) with Hailey Willington & George Pasca

A combination group consisting of Merton Training Strings Orchestra & String Sinfonia

For all string players Grade 1 and above.

Both groups rehearse together from 11am.

The Merton Training Strings Orchestra is an ensemble designed for string players from Grade 1 to Grade 3. The ensemble plays a wide variety of musical genres ranging from classical through to folk, jazz and well-known popular music. Together they explore different string-playing techniques and work on developing ensemble skills.

String Sinfonia is an exciting ensemble for our most advanced string players from Grade 4 upwards. The group enjoys a varied repertoire which includes music from stage and screen, jazz standards and classical music. Taking music-making to the next level the group focuses on developing ensemble skills, stylistic awareness and expressive playing as they explore more challenging music and discover ways to convey its emotion.

Meeting ID: 874 3241 7970

Zoom link:

Intermediate Guitar Ensemble (11am - 11:50am) with Frances Griffin

For Grade 1-3 guitarists

Students are introduced to more complex part-playing. Varied styles of music are introduced including blues, jazz, classical music. Emphasis is on improving ensemble, reading and playing skills whilst having fun. In previous years before Covid, all guitar ensembles have had the opportunity to play at the Royal Albert Hall however, this year we will still have some performing opportunities either on Zoom or in person. This is always a great motivation for the students.

Meeting ID: 862 8134 8725

Zoom link:

Jazz Jumpers - Intro to Jazz (12-12:50pm) with Michael Chillingworth

For Grade 1 - 3 players of all instruments.

Jazz Jumpers is the perfect introduction to jazz for young instrumentalists of around Grade 1 to 3. The emphasis is on playing by ear, interacting and listening while playing together in a group, making up tunes, improvising together and having fun playing together. JazzJumpers welcomes all instruments, not only typical jazz instruments.

Meeting ID: 860 7544 8747

Zoom link:

Term Dates

11 January – 27 March

(Half term: 15-21 February)

If you are struggling to connect to the meeting, please contact us as below:

Mondays – 079966 001 387

Wednesdays/Thursdays – 07966 001 059

Saturdays – 07958 117 232


Full Membership – £99 per term

Music Centre is membership-based and charged by the academic term. Membership costs £99 per term (of 10 weeks) with a discount of £19 offered for each additional sibling. Music Centre members have access to all* of our classes and groups, including Music Theory online lessons. For more information contact us.

*Subject to instrument, ability and availability.

Music Theory – £40 per term

Our online Music Theory classes are 30-minute sessions, perfect for developing your child’s musical understanding. These classes are included as part of a Full Membership or are available on their own for just £40 per term.


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