Edward Hickman
Chair of Trustees
Edward has a lifelong interest and enjoyment of music although an early experience at school included being ejected from the junior orchestra for not being able to master the cello properly. He re-kindled his own interest in music making when he took up the trumpet in his 40s and continues to play regularly in a community band. Edward is a long-time Merton resident. His professional life is in management consultancy and for the last fifteen years Edward’s work has specialised in social impact investment and the evaluation of social inclusion programmes. Edward first became an MMF Trustee in 2014 following an introduction by his trumpet tutor and became Chair in 2019. He sees MMF as a key community asset that supports young people in Merton to embark on their own lifelong journeys of musical enjoyment whatever their level of talent.
Ian Bond
Co-Lead Trustee for Risk Management / Chair of FMYM
Ian is a parent of 3 children who are or have recently been part of Merton Music, both for individual lessons and in the ensembles. The musical influence in the family though comes from his wife Lucy, a primary school music teacher who has taught in the borough. Ian is a Managing Director in Technology at a Global Bank having worked for the last 25 for a number of banks in technology roles. Most commonly he is found on a Saturday morning making coffee for waiting parents in the parent run cafe at the South Wimbledon Music Centre. Ian was also the chair of FMYM (Friends of Merton’s Young Musicians) during a period of fund raising which concluded with the purchase of a Grand Piano which is now used for lessons and concerts. He is proud to help more widely as a Trustee.
Kingsley Green
Lead Trustee for Health & Safety
Kingsley started to play bass from the age of 16, later joining a reggae band. With no formal training, the band went on to become a "go to" band for up-and-coming Jamaican reggae artists that came over to tour the UK but did not have the funds to bring a Jamaican backing band with them. When the touring days came to an end, Kingsley turned his hand to studio production working alongside various music professionals, artists, producers and lawyers, gathering a wealth of knowledge and music business acumen. In more recent times, having built up an extensive vinyl record collection, Kingsley has been called upon to DJ at reggae events. A qualified mechanical engineer, Kingsley has also gained a qualification in Audio Visual Design which enabled him to utilise both his musical and artistic skills. Although it has been some time since Kingsley has played in bands or embarked upon any production work, he looks back on those days with fond memories and would enjoy helping the younger generation to fulfil their dreams and any ambitions that they may have.
Mia Liyanage
Lead Trustee for Inclusion & Sustainability
Mia grew up in Merton and is a former MMF student - she sang in choirs, bands, and for Merton Youth Jazz Orchestra (MYJO). MMF was a huge part of her teenage years and her experience has made her a fierce supporter of the life-changing potential of music education. Mia is an equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) professional and decolonisation advocate working in higher education. Mia is motivated by her background in student activism and is passionate about student belonging; she is currently EDI Manager for Students at University of the Arts London. She is the author of 'Miseducation: decolonising curricula, culture and pedagogy in UK universities', published by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) in 2020 and an Associate at Advance HE. Mia's academic background is in the queer history of the United States, in which she holds a masters from the University of Oxford. As a former MMF student, being a Trustee has personal significance for Mia, and she is proud to support an organisation that has the power to help so many young people feel like they belong.
Ro Maybury
Lead Trustee for Safeguarding
Ro is head teacher at a local Merton Primary school and takes huge advantage of everything MMF has to offer her pupils. She tries to give her pupils as many experiences that are offered, and which would not usually be available to them through any other means. Her Year 4 students all have guitar lessons, through In2Music, and all take part in many MMF projects including Year 6 being part of the Royal Albert Hall performances. Both Ro and her husband grew up being part of youth orchestras and know the benefits and fun that music can bring. Both Ro’s children have grown up with MMF, both in the choirs and learning a musical instrument. They took part in tours and projects and truly enjoyed their time there. Ro is privileged to be a trustee at MMF and to work collaboratively with like-minded people, aiming to ensure that music can be available for all, whatever their background.
Nicky Morgan
Co-Lead Trustee for Quality Assurance
Nicky is a Merton resident whose love of music began as a child in a family of music lovers. From a young age she learned to play the piano which came in handy for playing duets with her father and accompanying her brother and sister on the flute and clarinet. Living in Manchester there was much live music to enjoy from choral to instrumental, Queen to Elton John and lots in between! As a local headteacher she was passionate about music-making and singing and many of her former pupils are still involved in making music in their adult lives which gives her great joy.She enjoyed taking part in several MMF performances at The Albert Hall with her school pupils and saw how exciting these performances could be especially for those children for whom it was a unique experience. Nicky is proud to be a trustee of MMF and to continue fostering a love of music in our young people which will hopefully become lifelong. In these current times of hardship for many, she believes that it is all the more important to find joy in small things like a song that lifts the spirit or a piece which touches the heart.
Manish Solanki
Co-Lead Trustee for Musical Pathways / Co-Lead Trustee for Risk Management
Although Manish is not a musician, music has been a lifelong passion which is continuously fuelled by his ever-growing pop, classical & jazz vinyl record collection. He is married to Louise who is the Head of Music at a secondary school and plays the piano, so music is always there to disrupt any quiet moments in the home. Manish is a senior leader at Mercer, a multi-national company that specialises in providing investment consulting advice to large investment funds. He has worked in finance for over 25 years and has held various business management and strategic roles since he started. He is also the co-chair of Mercer’s Mental Health Employee Resource Group and represents the industry with his role as the co-lead of the mental health work-stream within the Diversity Project, an industry initiative to promote and increase underrepresented D&I groups within the finance industry. Manish is excited to be in the role as Trustee of the Merton Music Foundation and hopes that some of his working experience provides value in taking the foundation through its next phase.
Emma Trevelyan
Legal Advice / FMYM Liaison
Emma is first and foremost an MMF parent, she lives in Merton with her husband and two teenage children. Her children have come through the service from primary school, her eldest is now in the senior bands and has gained so much from the chance to perform at the highest levels, afforded by MMF. She is herself a graduate of the ILEA run Centre for Young Musicians and the LSSO, and enjoyed University performing life, culminating in managing the Cambridge Footlights national tour, in the long ago early 90s. Professionally, Emma is a qualified lawyer working at the BBC, and for the last twenty or so years of her professional life, has supported the creation of BBC output on TV, on radio and particularly music content - working with the Royal Albert Hall, and the Royal Opera House, among many other institutions. Within the BBC and outside, she is a passionate supporter of and advocate for investment in the cultural and creative life of the UK, in both public and commercial sectors. Emma is proud to work with MMF as they continue to innovate, and give more and more opportunity to the children of Merton.
Sandra Vogel
Co-Lead Trustee for Quality Assurance
Sandra is a resident of Merton whose experience of learning to make music in primary school started a lifelong love for amateur music-making. She plays saxophone in community bands, and returned to learning piano during the Covid lockdown, via remote lessons from a – fortunately - very patient and forgiving teacher. Her own early experience fuels her wish for every child in Merton to have experience of music making from a young age. A qualified librarian, Sandra was a Research Fellow in information science before working for organisations in the charity and voluntary sectors and then becoming a writer specialising in technology. Sandra is proud to be a trustee of Merton Music Foundation. The commitment of everyone involved in MMF, at all levels of the organisation, and the sheer joy music-making brings the young people involved are a pleasure to see.
Seb Jones
Co-Lead Trustee for Musical Pathways
Seb grew up in Merton, learning drums from a young age in a musical household. Having returned to Merton, he is raising two members of what he hopes will be the next generation of young local musicians. Seb is a lawyer with a focus on music (and the media and entertainment industry more generally) and has had the fortune of working alongside some of the pioneers and household names within the music industry. He has always wanted to direct his passion for music and his experience into the charity sector and being able to do so within the local community, and in relation to such an important facet as education, is a privilege.

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