Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions form the basis of the contract between Merton Music Foundation (MMF) and its customers (referred to as ‘you’). Merton Music Foundation reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice:

Tuition Lessons and Group Membership


MMF will deliver 30 sessions over the year, usually 10 lessons per term, either in-person  or via virtual delivery.

The number of lessons per term may vary due to term and holiday dates.

All applications for lessons with MMF must be made on-line or by phone

Music Centre Membership

MMF aims to offer 30 ensemble sessions per year – the total number of sessions may include concerts.

Ensemble membership will begin as soon as possible, following receipt of a completed online enrolment form.

Membership of some ensembles is determined by teaching staff and an audition may therefore be necessary.


Fees are payable 3 times a year before the start of a new term, and in advance of tuition.

The minimum commitment and charge for both lessons and ensemble membership is until the end of term in which attendance begins.

Music Centre membership is invoiced as one termly fee and not charged on a pro-rata basis.

Invoices are issued in advance of tuition and all payments must be made by the date shown on the invoice.

Where payment has not been made in advance, we reserve the right to discontinue service until full payment has been received. Continued non-payment of fees may result in your place being withdrawn. Reinstatement of lessons will be at the discretion of MMF

Failure to pay the term’s fees on time may incur a late payment fee.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact MMF as soon as possible to discuss alternative payment arrangements. All information will be dealt in the strictest confidence.

Fees will not be refundable for any pupil absence due to short-term illness. In cases of long-term health problems, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss. A medical certificate may be required.

Fees are reviewed annually.

Missed lessons, credits and refunds

MMF does not offer credits or refunds for lessons missed by pupils.

When a school cancels a lesson (for example due to a class trip), MMF will endeavour to make up the lesson provided that a minimum of two weeks’ notice has been received from the school or parent/guardian.

Where lessons take place in a school, we request that  the school or parent/guardian provide notification to their tutor at the start of each term, or at least two weeks in advance, of any days where; pupils will be unavailable for a lesson due to a school commitment; or a suitable room/space at the school will be unavailable.

Where tuition takes place online, a minimum period of 24 hours is required to give notice to your child’s tutor that you wish to cancel or reschedule an arranged lesson. Scheduling alterations are limited to once per booked lesson.

Where minimum notice is not given to the MMF tutor, no credit will be due if the tutor is unable to reschedule.

On the occasion that an MMF tutor is absent for any reason, MMF will endeavour to replace them with a substitute tutor or make up the lessons at another time.

Where this is not possible, MMF may offer a credit for the lesson or a refund. Credits and refunds will normally be considered at the end of the academic year when it is clear how many lessons have been completed.

In the event of an emergency or closure of a school (full or partial) or MMF Music Centre due to an event outside MMFs control (e.g. force majeure, a pandemic, flooding, heavy snow or industrial action or in the event of tutor/pupil self-isolation) where possible, lessons will be delivered online or rescheduled within the academic year.


Lessons and memberships continue term on term and year on year until the appropriate notice of withdrawal is received.

Pupils may only withdraw from lessons or membership at the end of a term with prior written notice.

Written notice for withdrawal from lesson at the end of a term should be made via email to admin@mmf.org.uk by the end of the preceding half-term (e.g. by October half-term to withdraw at the end of the Autumn Term in December).

MMF reserves the right to charge a late notice fee if the required notice to withdraw from lessons is not given.

If a pupil withdraws part way through a term, the term’s charges remain payable in full.


MMF does not accept liability for loss or damage to pupil’s instruments or personal possessions.

Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to arrange appropriate insurance for these items.


Pupils are expected to behave in a responsible and courteous manner, to attend lessons regularly and to practise between lessons.

Poor attendance, failure to practise, disruptive or anti-social behaviour by either the pupil or their parent/carer, may result in tuition being withdrawn. Any paid or outstanding fees would be retained or remain payable. No credits will be given in such circumstances.

Hire of instruments – Terms and Conditions

Hire Period

The hire period is normally limited to 3 terms but may be extended subjected to availability.


Hire fees must be paid in full by the date shown on the invoice prior to lessons commencing each term.


Deposits are required on all Group 3 and external hire instruments and will be refunded after inspection of the returned instrument.


Any person hiring an instrument from MMF must accept full responsibility for the safekeeping of the instrument and in the event of loss, theft or damage make restitution to MMF. MMF accepts no responsibility for damage to, or the loss or theft of hired instruments. You are strongly advised to provide your own insurance for any instrument you hire from MMF.


Instruments in need of repair must be returned to the MMF office and not repaired privately. No payments will be made by MMF in respect of repairs undertaken privately.

Ending the Hire Period

On the discontinuance of hire, the instrument must be returned immediately to the MMF office and not to the school. Fees remain payable until the instrument has been returned.


All reeds, oils, grease, strings and other consumables are the responsibility of the hirer.

MMF Identification Tags

Instruments must remain labelled for identification purposes.


Revised: 11/9/2020

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