Come & Play – free choir/ensemble trials

Singing in a choir or playing in a band or ensemble is like being a small, but vital, piece in a big and colourful jigsaw puzzle. Each note that’s sung or played works together to bring a piece of music to life. For a musician, there’s nothing else quite like it.

Our South Wimbledon Music Centre is home to a wide range of choirs, bands and ensembles for 7-18 year olds who meet to rehearse after school or on Saturdays. This is where the magic happens!

Group-playing/singing can boost your child’s progress and enjoyment of singing or learning an instrument, while also fostering friendships, building confidence, and providing exciting performance opportunities they wouldn’t have on their own.

As well as end-of-term and community concerts, our Music Centre members get to perform at exciting locations and events like the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the Tower of London, Wimbledon BookFest, Regents Park Music Festival, Wimbledon International Music Festival and the Royal Albert Hall.

If your child is aged 7 or over, sings or has been learning an instrument for a term or more and would like to take their playing to the next level, register for a FREE trial rehearsal as part of our popular Come & Play sessions.

Once you’ve registered, our team will be in touch to recommend which groups would suit your child’s age, instrument and ability.

Our next Come & Play Sessions – Sat 27 April, Mon 29 April, Wed 1 May, 2024

Here’s an idea of the groups that your child could join, depending on their instrument, age and ability:

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