Child Licensing

For some events, MMF is required to apply for an individual Child Performance License for pupils that are participating. This is generally required where performance or rehearsal activity takes place during the school day for Music Centre Ensemble members that are in Year 11 and below and attend a Local Authority School.

Apply for a License

To apply for a license, you must provide:

  • Completed Application Form (Parent/Guardian to complete ‘Part 2’)
  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • A photograph of your child (headshot against a plain background, passport photo style)
  • An absence approval letter, signed by your child’s Headteacher

Completed applications and documentation should be sent to:

Royal Albert Hall 2024 – Helpful Documents

We only require Child License applications for pupils in Year 11 and below that attend a Local Authority Maintained School (not Academies, Independent/Private or Free Schools) who will perform with a Music Centre ensemble at RAH on 11 March 2024.


These files are required to support your application. Clicking the buttons will start an instant download – please check your ‘Downloads’ folder.


Please complete all highlighted sections of ‘Part 2’ of the Application Form. We have pre-filled some answers to these questions, please confirm that these are correct before submitting. If you can sign the form digitally, please do – otherwise simply typing your initials will suffice.

Reuqest an absence approval from your child’s school – if your school has an existing format for these, we are happy to accept this. If not, you may use the Absence Approval Template, which you can send to your school alongside a covering message from yourself requesting absence. You may also wish to attach our Absence Request Letter, which explains to Headteachers what the event is all about.

Important: to help you, we have pre-filled some sections of this form. If your child has previously participated in a performance that has required a Child License (e.g. Wimbledon Tennis with MYJO/MYCB or an external event), please add this information to the form as necessary.

Taking Your Photo

Take your child’s photo against a plain background with their face clearly in view and uncovered. Please click here to refer to instructions for taking a passport photo to ensure the image quality is good.

Birth Certificate

Take a photo on an phone or use an app or digital scanner to make a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

Sending Us Your Application

Please send your documents to the address below and include the following information in the email body:

  • Child(ren)’s name(s)
  • The name of the Local Authority Area in which they live (e.g. ‘Merton’)
  • A sentance confirming if you are happy for MMF to store this data for future use (e.g. other performances)

Don’t forget to attach:

  • Completed Application Form (Word Doc)
  • Absence Approval Letter (signed by Headteacher)
  • Colour photo of child (headshot – passport-style, please see instructions)
  • Birth Certificate (digital photo or scan)

Send all of the documents to:

Help and Support

Parent Meeting – Tue 6 Feb @ 6:15pm

We will be hosting a parent/guardian briefing session at 6:15pm on Tuesday 6 Feb online via Teams – this will be an opportunity for you to receive further guidance on completing the application and to ask any questions.

Please click here to register in advance for the meeting on 6 Feb at 6:15pm.  

Additional Support

If you would like extra help completing your application, or would prefer to complete a paper copy of the form at our Offices / Music Centre South Wimbledon, please contact us to arrange this:

020 8640 5446 /

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