Mini Musicians – consent

We are delighted to be working with the London Borough of Merton, Sing Up and The University of Roehampton on Mini Musicians; an innovative pilot programme for children in EYFS and KS1 in ten Merton schools.

If your child’s school is participating in Mini Musicians, we require your consent for them to participate in the programme.

Parent / Guardian Consent

Select Your Child’s School Below to Grant Consent

Important: We are no longer collecting consents for the research study, but you can still grant consent for your child to participate in the Trinity College London ACMD accreditation.

Consent Letter

Please click the button below to read the full Consent Letter, paper copies are also available from your child’s school.

Why Do We Need Your Consent?

Mini Musicians is being studied by the University of Roehampton and all children that participate will be entered for an inclusive music accreditation, awarded by Trinity College London.

We are asking for four different types of consent from you:

1) Research Study Consent – NB: the application window for the study has now closed.

We need your consent for your child to participate in the research study being conducted by The University of Roehampton, which hopes to evaluate the impact of the programme on pupils’ musical and wider academic development. This involves creating video and audio recordings of your child’s musical learning and gaining access to some of their personal data, which will be pseudonymised (your child’s name will be removed from the dataset).

2) Trinity Exam Consent

Children that participate in the Mini Musicians programme will be entered for an Awards and Certificates in Musical Development accreditation with Trinity College London. We need your consent to create video recordings and share some of their personal details for the purpose of entering them for the exam.

3) Study Communication Consent – NB: the application window for the study has now closed.

We would like to share the findings of the Roehampton University study with colleagues in the wider music education sector. In order to do this, we need your consent to share anonymised video and audio recordings and pupil data in publications and at conferences. Your child’s face will be blurred in any videos shared for this purpose.

4) Publicity Consent

We want to spread the word about Mini Musicians with our local community. We are asking for your consent to take photos and videos of your child for the purpose of sharing on websites, social media and in other publicity. Your child’s personal details won’t be shared, but their school may be recognisable in communications.


If you have any questions about the Consent Letter, research study or Mini Musicians programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Comparison Schools

If your child’s school is participating as a Comparison School in the research study, please click here to provide consent for a Comparison School participant.

Staff Consent

If you are a member of staff supporting the Mini Musicians sessions, we require your consent.

School and Tutor Log In

This link is for Mini Musicians Tutors and School Staff – a log in is required to access these resources.

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