Congratulations to all the young musicians who performed beautifully in our Soloists concerts. For some of them, it was the first time they’ve played to an audience outside of their families, hopefully the first of many.

If your child has been learning an instrument for 2 terms of more we offer a variety of band and ensemble opportunities which will help boost their skills, allow them to meet other young musicians, perform in end-of-term concerts and maybe even join us on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in 2021. Playing an instrument in a group is hugely rewarding and can have a tremendous effect on instrumental progression.

To give them a taste playing in a group, call the MMF office on 020 8640 5446 to see which groups/ensembles would be appropriate for your child’s instrument and ability and they can come and join a rehearsal for free to see if they like it. Alternatively, keep an eye out for our Big Blast sessions which we often run at the beginning of the new term.

If you came to watch your child perform and left a set of keys in the hall, please call the office as we have them.


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