Edward has a lifelong interest and enjoyment of music although an early experience at school included being ejected from the junior orchestra for not being able to master the cello Read More
Ian is a parent of 3 children who are or have recently been part of Merton Music, both for individual lessons and in the ensembles. The musical influence in the Read More
Mia grew up in Merton and is a former MMF student - she sang in choirs, bands, and for Merton Youth Jazz Orchestra (MYJO). MMF was a huge part of Read More
Sandra is a resident of Merton whose experience of learning to make music in primary school started a lifelong love for amateur music-making. She plays saxophone in community bands, and Read More
Kingsley started to play bass from the age of 16, later joining a reggae band. With no formal training, the band went on to become a "go to" band for Read More
Ro is head teacher at a local Merton Primary school and takes huge advantage of everything MMF has to offer her pupils. She tries to give her pupils as many Read More
Emma is first and foremost an MMF parent, she lives in Merton with her husband and  two teenage children. Her children have come through the service from primary school, her Read More
Although Manish is not a musician, music has been a lifelong passion which is continuously fuelled by his ever-growing pop, classical & jazz vinyl record collection. He is married to Read More
Nicky is a Merton resident whose love of music began as a child in a family of music lovers. From a young age she learned to play the piano which Read More
Seb grew up in Merton, learning drums from a young age in a musical household. Having returned to Merton, he is raising two members of what he hopes will be Read More

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