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As part of our website development we would like to include a description for each of our ensembles so we would appreciate it if you could write a few sentences about the group(s) that you lead (scroll down for some examples). The deadline is Monday 7th October. Many thanks.

  • Please include things like repertoire, performance opportunities and progression.


Junior Percussion is for young drummers and percussionists who can read music at at least a Grade 1 level. We play all percussion instruments – snare drum, bass drum, congas, bongos, timpani, xylophone, glockenspiel, drum kit, and much more – and our fun repertoire includes everything from high energy drumming, intricate ensemble playing, and music from all around the world including pieces especially composed for the group. 

Contemporary Percussion is for percussionists and drummers who are at least a Grade 4 standard. We play modern percussion chamber music, classical arrangements and music especially composed for the group, using all tuned and untuned percussion instruments in different combinations. We focus on good ensemble habits including communication, listening, and working as a group.

Merton Mallets is dedicated to playing music for tuned percussion (xylophone and glockenspiel) and is suitable for percussionists and pianists who can read pitched music at a Grade 1 level. We play a huge variety of music including pop, classical and jazz pieces, as well as music from Africa and Mexico.

Training Concert Band is for brass and woodwind instrumentalists who can read music and play at least an octave on their instrument.  Percussionists are invited to join once they have been members of Junior Percussion.  The emphasis is on improving sight reading, being introduced to a variety of styles of music and making friends as part of playing in large ensemble.

Intermediate Concert Band further explores the band repertoire and is for brass, woodwind and percussion players of a Grade 2-5 level.  The music ranges from standard band pieces, film music, tunes from shows and TV and well known songs.  As with all MMF groups, the emphasis is learning skills needed to play with other musicians, improving sight reading, discovering a range of musical genres and having fun whilst playing!

Merton Youth Concert Band, our flagship concert band, draws its members from secondary schools and is suitable for players at a Grade 5+ level.  A number of performances are given locally and this group often take part in overseas tours.  Recent destinations have included Belgium, Germany and France.  Rehearsals take place on a Wednesday evening on a fortnightly basis. 

There are no auditions for any members of any band.  Members of all bands are invited to take part every other in year in the “Music Is for Life” concert at the Royal Albert Hall as part of a Massed Band item.

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