If your child is interested in learning a musical instrument, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been delivering music lessons to thousands of young people in Merton for over 30 years so rest assured, they’re in safe hands.

Lessons take place during the school day in many Merton schools, as well as after-school or on Saturdays at our four Music Centres across the borough. Plus, we have DJ, beatboxing and music production classes at Soundwave in Mitcham, and an Early Years programme for ages 0-7 at Wimbledon College. There’s something for everyone!

What to do next…

1) Decide which instrument (click to expand)

2) Call the MMF office to check availability (click to expand)

If your child sings or is already having instrumental lessons we’ve got an ensemble for them.

Nurturing your child’s singing or instrumental talents by encouraging them to join a choir, band or ensemble at our South Wimbledon Music Centre can open up a whole new world of opportunities and experiences for them and take their playing to the next level. Some of our junior ensembles accept lesson pupils who have been learning for as little as two terms and singers don’t need any prior choir experience to join our junior or senior choirs.

We regularly host free Come & Play sessions (usually at the beginning of the term) where your child can join an ensemble rehearsal to see what it’s like before they commit.

What to do next…

1) See the range of ensembles (click to expand)

2) Book a FREE Come & Play trial session (click to expand)

3) Or call the office and speak to someone from our admin team (click to expand)

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